Travel Guide to San Miguel de Allende for the Single Souls

by Ben Calderoni

It is no secret that San Miguel is a truly magical place. True to its roots, the Central Mexican city proudly boasts their Mexican and Spanish culture, attracting thousands of tourists each year. And while it may be a very romantic destination for couples, San Miguel also provides a fair share of entertainment and mystery for those solo travelers who are out for a little soul searching.

To help those travelers, we at Casa Calderoni present a short travel guide to help them get the most out of their San Miguel de Allende trip.

How to Travel Smart in San Miguel

Find the Right Place to Stay

You may find yourself flooded with offers to stay in one of the many hotels in San Miguel. However, because most of these hotels are usually always occupied (80% on weekends and 50% on weekdays), you might not get the room you need.

To take care of this problem, booking a reservation at a nice and quiet Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel is the best option. Now, don’t think we are promoting ourselves. This is for your own benefit, since you will get the personal attention that you need, and a quiet venue to stay at.

Locate the Best Food Venues

San Miguel de Allende is one of the best places for foodies. And from street food to gourmet cuisine, you can find the best of both worlds in one place. However, if you don’t want to search, you can check out Casa Calderoni’s exclusive list of places you can eat at in San Miguel. But if you want to go on a food journey, start by going to the Tuesday Market and sampling the gordita (a thick corn tortilla filled with stuffing and salsa of your choice). After that, your taste buds will raring to go for some quality Mexican food.

Be a Bit Active

If you ever see the locals in San Miguel, you’ll notice that they place a lot of importance to being active. San Miguel’s natural architecture has a part to play in this, since the buildings are very closely built together so you can’t take your car. And with the uneven cobblestone roads laid out all over the city, you have to be very quick on your feet in case you step on a sliding stone. This is why San Miguel offers a lot of ways for you to stay active. You can take zumba classes every morning, or simply go for a run through the park.

Be a Little Wild

The city is all work during the day, but as soon as night falls, the young people come out to play. From the bars, pubs and nightclubs to the Square, the Jardin, the whole place becomes one big party venue. The younger generation of San Miguel is full of artists, writers, dancers, musicians and photographers, so you will have your chance to meet a lot of different and vibrant people during your stay.

With mystical mountains, colorful sceneries, friendly people and frankly drool-worthy food on offer, there is no better place in the world than San Miguel de Allende. Set in the high desert mountains of Mexico, it has become an Eden for all who want to escape their busy lives and experience living in true sense of the word.

So if you want to make the best vacation decision of your life, make a date with San Miguel de Allende, and give yourself the vacation treat you deserve.