Top 5 Sights to See in San Miguel de Allende

by admin

The historical treasures and vibrant culture of San Miguel de Allende have made it a favored city, beloved by both locals and visitors alike. It’s no secret that this city contains more wonders than we could hope to write about, but these are the top 5 must see locations in this amazing locale.

The Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel

Largely regarded as the city’s most iconic building, this church is hard to miss, with its head-turning array of neo-Gothic orange and pink decor. Built in the 19th century, the church continues to host local fiestas, which are a delight to attend if you can arrange to visit on a special day.

El Jardín

The town’s square, or zócalo, is a hub of activity. Whether you prefer some people-watching or shopping, the area is a colorful display of both daily life and that extra special touch for visitors. Mariachis will typically appear in the area around sundown, so visit in the evening for some unique and alluring music.

The Mercado El Nigromante

This market area includes dozens of stands, selling everything from local fruits to exotic herbs. This is one of the best places to sample the local cuisine. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

El Charco del Ingenio

This massive garden reserve features more cacti than you’d think possible. The Dalai Lama even named this area one of Mexico’s five zones of peace. If you’d like to plan ahead, the reserve offers a temazcal experience twice a month, a purifying therapy that offers a different relaxation experience.

Other Face of Mexico Gallery

At the local Casa de la Cuesta B&B, you can find a collection of 500 wondrous masks. You’ll have to book an appointment in advance, but the visit is well worth it for the colorful display of unique art.

Exploring the wonders of San Miguel de Allende is no small adventure, and there are many more sights that you’ll need to experience. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for their advice, and keep your eyes open for unique opportunities.