Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do in San Miguel de Allende

by Ben Calderoni

Visitors to the beautiful and neatly laid out town of San Miguel de Allende compare the wonder of Disneyland to the brightly painted stucco colonial buildings of this Central Mexican city. Avid travelers would consider San Miguel as an Instagrammer’s playground, something unique and inherently exotic to capture.

Enamoring travelers from all walks of life and the world, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the place where quaint and cosmopolitan come together and make San Miguel de Allende into the city it’s today.

Just like any city though, San Miguel de Allende requires finesse when it comes to traversing the unknown streets and cobbled pathways. Following are 3 things you SHOULDN’T do when visiting San Miguel de Allende;

Don’t Walk the Road to Mega

If you feel like having home-cooked food, you’ll have to go to Mega as it’s the only part of town where American staples can be bought. Going there by taxi is recommended. Walking is a big no-no! While there’s a bridge that connects one part of the main road to another, climbing all the stairs is heart attack material. Dashing quickly across the road is even more dangerous.

Don’t Engage In the Wrong Conversation

The political views of residents in San Miguel lean more on the liberal side. You must therefore converse very carefully with the expats as most of them are hard-core Democrats and won’t tolerate any mention of Fox News or the newest Republican debate. Dare to utter the word of the infamous news channel? No one will speak to you for starters.

Don’t Attend Too Many Happy Hours

Literally every bar and restaurant in this vibrant city offers some form of Happy Hour. If you think the happy hour in Mexico is the same as in America, you’re grossly mistaken. Seniors often frequent bars and other places having Happy Hour. These seniors tend to get very drunk and nothing’s worse than a drunken granddaddy acting as if he discovered the fountain of youth.

Visit the city’s official website and educate yourself well before traveling to this beautiful city.

A city well-known for its delicious cuisine, art and architecture and historical significance, visitors to San Miguel de Allende looking to immerse themselves in a rich culture and enjoy nature at its simplest, head over to Casa Calderoni, the best B&B in town.