The Perks of Staying At a Bed and Breakfast

by Ben Calderoni

The comfortable and warm setting, a stunning view, the much craved privacy. Ready to make your reservations?

Considered as a wonderful alternative to the traditional hotel stay, it’s a good idea to spend a week or two at a classic bed and breakfast establishment.

Following are reasons why staying at a B&B inn next time you’re traveling to San Miguel de Allende should be your priority.

Offers Superior Customer Care and Service

Traveling to San Miguel de Allende and don’t know where you’ll stay? Travel just a little further to Casa Calderoni where comfort paired with excellent amenities and service awaits.

Unlike traditional hotels, guests can enjoy personalized customer care and service in any B&B establishment, be it located in the great outback of the center of town. In addition to providing excellent concierge services, Casa Calderoni also employs bilingual staff for guest’s convenience and free long distance calls to USA and Canada.

A Scrumptious Breakfast Is Included – Of course

As the name suggests, the most important meal of the day is included in your stay. What’s more, breakfast offered in B&B inns isn’t your typical fare hotels serve. It’s a humble feast. Depending on the locality and season, fresh produce is used in making a scrumptious and healthy breakfast.

Often Located Off the Beaten Track

Unlike most hotel establishments, B&B’s are usually situated in an area that is private and quiet – perfect for a romantic getaway.

These inns are located there for a reason. Many travelers make their plans spontaneously and go where the wind takes them. Many unknowingly stumble across such inns while enjoying the nature and views of less traveled parts of the city or community. Casa Calderoni located in a private area is still near the town’s center.

A Background for the Perfect Romantic Escape

Very recently, the hospitality industry has been seeing a new trend regarding B&B inns. Becoming a popular option for couples looking for some quality, ‘alone time’ B&B inns now offer special packages and pre-planned events/excursions for individuals hoping to bring back the sparks in their relationship.

The astounding views of beautiful San Miguel de Allende and the culture of this ancient city should be enough to persuade an avid traveler into staying at Casa Caldoroni, the inn worth a thousand visits.