Packing for Your San Miguel de Allende Trip

by Ben Calderoni

Passport? Check!

Clothes pressed? Check!

Reservations booked at Casa Calderoni? Booking confirmation? Check!

Suitcase packed? Check… but wait, what’s the kitchen sink doing here?

Okay, so you might not be packing your kitchen sink along with your other necessities to take on the trip to San Miguel de Allende. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other things in your suitcase that are unnecessarily taking up space.

Getting ready for a trip can be stressful, and many a times, we take a lot of things with us that are of no use. We at Casa Calderoni provide you an exclusive list for all the things you SHOULDN’T bring with you if you are coming for your trip to our luxury B&B in San Miguel de Allende.

Do Not Bring…

Guide Books

Casa Calderoni is one of the most popular B&Bs in San Miguel de Allende; of course we’re going to have guide books. And along with guide books, we will also provide you with our own list of favorite shops, restaurants and other attractions. B&Bs keep a lot of local information handy for their guests, and also help in planning out their guest’s adventures in the city since they know the best local spots. Instead, make room in your suitcase for those books you’ve neglected for so long.

Sporting Equipment

Before you go lugging your trusty bike through airport security, keep in mind that as a popular tourist spot, San Miguel will have its share of sporting equipment to give to the local tourists. Same goes for any tennis racquets and other small equipment as you will be able to rent them for a small fee without any inconvenience.

Special Meals

Most innkeepers try to meet all the requests that the guests forward to them. So if you have any special demands about dietary restrictions, allergies or different food preferences, simply tell the innkeeper about them at the time of the booking. The B&B will make arrangements to make sure that their service meets your expectations.


You always bring towels because the hotel ones were a bit too strange-smelling for your taste. But that’s because hotel towels are used multiple times a day due to the high number of room occupants. With B&Bs, all sanitary items such as towels and such are taken care of, with more provided if asked. So you wouldn’t even have to worry about not having enough towels.

Worried whether you should bring your own bed sheets too? Don’t fret. Simply call Casa Calderoni, and ask them all the questions you need so that you can have a comfortable stay in our B&B in San Miguel, and a much lighter suitcase.