Little Things to Do in San Miguel de Allende (Part 2)

by Ben Calderoni

Continuing from part one; we are further going to delve into the journey and all the little adventures one should have in San Miguel de Allende.

Take a Walk on the Street

San Miguel de Allende is famous because of its courtyards, fountains, sculptures and beautiful wall murals. From churches to art galleries alike, you can see your fair share of architectural beauty woven with natural creations just by taking a walk down the passageways. From the restored Casa Del Mayorazgo de la Canal, one of the city’s most beautiful mansions to the small restaurants dotting the street, you will experience much of what San Miguel has to offer.

For the Art Connoisseurs

San Miguel’s history is connected very deeply with that of art, so you will see a lot of art-related locations on this list. Next is the Galeria Atotonilco, which offers collections of Mexican folk art at very reasonable prices to all who seek beauty in art. Along with their mask collection, the gallery also boasts the creations of many of their painters and artists. As such, it is renowned for joyfully relating each piece of art with each artist so as to give them a platform for their creations. As a true gem, appointments are necessary so that each potential buyer can get the chance to fully revel in the beauty.

Add a Little Drama

The Angela Peralta Theater is perfect for those who want to see a bit of theater to add the perfect touch to their wonderfully cultured vacation. As a historical theater that hosts music, shows and dances, the prices are surprisingly inexpensive. A great treat for all, theater buffs and history buffs alike, the Angela Peralta Theater offers an exemplary display of culture and value through its restoration and attention to the art.

Go to the Park

The Parque Benito Juarez is one such place which only adds more charm to that of the already rustic neighborhood. Created in the early 20th century, this beautiful park was made in the traditional French fashion and comes with its fair share of secrets and artifacts. A swing set here, a hidden alcove there; the Parque Benito Juarez is considered to be very special place by tourists and locals alike who come to see the park for its blooming flowers, well-paved paths and all-around natural beauty.

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