Little Things to Do in San Miguel de Allende (Part 1)

by Ben Calderoni

Going on vacation in San Miguel de Allende is the best way to experience what a side of heaven would look like. With landscapes, architectural and beauty that even J. M. W. Turner would be proud of, San Miguel is one such vacation destination that can turn your regular stay into an experience you can’t forget.

San Miguel celebrates culture and beauty. From their exquisite churches to the more festive courtyards, colors dominate every corner. And with the people as friendly as they come, it is no wonder that the Mexican city is voted one of the best cities in the world. Now, although you may know a bit about why San Miguel is so loved, perhaps you’ll favor it even more once you know how much there is to do in this seemingly small city. And to help you know more, we at Casa Calderoni are going to provide you with a few activities that you will surely love doing in San Miguel de Allende.

What You MUST Do in San Miguel de Allende

Take a Little History Tour

Discovered in 1998, this pyramid is an Otomi archaeological site and has been a part of Mexico’s culture from the beginning. Built for astrological purposes, one look at the pyramid will give you a pretty good idea of the pre-Hispanic cultures in Mexico and their talent of being excellent astronomers. Although the culture has been unfortunately lost in many ways, this pyramid is an ethereal reminder of the culture’s significance. Just don’t forget to wear comfy shoes!

Experience Art and Design

Having been a huge textile mill for long, you might not expect this seemingly simple building to be one of the most exceptional destinations in all of San Miguel. Turned into a beautiful art and design center; La Fabrica la Aurora is an amazing location where local artists make and sell art. But apart from art, customers can also get the chance to view some unique furniture, accessories and clothing as well. And if that’s not enough, you can also choose to dine in the restaurants that are located inside.

Study Murals

For those more fascinated with art, the Institute de Allende is one such location where the large wall murals are worth seeing. From the main entrance to the back wall, you get the chance to see one of the most famous murals in all of San Miguel. Created in the likeness of those by Diego Rivera and Siqueiros, these murals are definitely a treat for those interested in art and Mexican culture.

Listen to the Mariachi Band

Mariachi comes from the state of Jalisco, which is west of the state of Guanajuato, so you will definitely find Mariachi players throughout Central Mexico, including San Miguel. Easily recognizable because of their traditional outfits, you can listen to the traditional music that the Mariachi players play with their trumpets, violins and various types of traditional guitars. Mariachi players usually gather into San Miguel’s Main Square, so all you have to do is approach one of the players to play a song for you and they will happily oblige.

Rest in Serenity

Staying in a B&B is actually a rite of passage for any traveler who comes to San Miguel de Allende. Bed and breakfasts in San Miguel de Allende like Casa Calderoni and many others are very affordable and friendly. So if you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay in while touring the magical Mexican city, then a good B&B should definitely be your choice.

Want to know more? Then stay tuned for part two.