Hotel vs. Bed and Breakfast – Why a B&B is the Only Way to Truly Enjoy San Miguel

by Ben Calderoni

Like many travelers, the word ‘bed and breakfast’ may strike up a picture of coziness and comfort inside a quaint little cottage. You’ll even imagine being served homemade biscuits and sweet tea by the matronly innkeeper, while a furry white feline watches. Today, the very concept of a bed and breakfast has changed!

Shedding its past layers of tradition, modern B&B inns have evolved. In fact, luxury seekers are increasingly turning to B&B’s; due to the personalized service and modern amenities that makes all the difference between a hotel and an inn.

Amenities at B&B Inns Are Free and Inclusive To Your Stay

One annoyance people have with hotels is the inaccessibility to good wireless internet. Establishments today are being scored by guests just on the basis of non-accessible Wi-Fi or another such seemingly less important service.

Guests staying at B&B inns today not only enjoy free Wi-Fi, but also impeccable concierge services that compared to hotels are on an entire different level. Plus, most B&B owners are locals themselves therefore filled with knowledge about the locale and hotspots to visit during the stay. Parking is another amenity that’s offered freely.

B&B Inns Actually Holds Their Unique Rooms for Guests

In order to hold a room for guests, hotels act on the policy of securing the guest’s credit card. Even then, staying in a particular room isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, the cancellation policy is a bit more relaxed. B&B inns, on the other hand, offer stringent cancellation and deposit policies but provide guarantee of any chosen room to guests – if it hasn’t been booked yet.

Even with a limited inventory in accommodation and high demand of rooms, guests are promised the best living experience in B&B inns.

Meet Other Travelers and Make Lifelong Friends

As compared to the cold and formal atmosphere of hotels, guests can revel in the intimate and rather homelike environment that’s offered by bed and breakfast inns. Guests share a dining room and many other common areas, take part in breakfast together as well as pre-planned activities and excursions which ensure they get to see a lot of each other.

If you’re a person who thrives in company and likes to meet new people, B&B inns are idea accommodation options.

San Miguel de Allende; Where Old and New Come Together

Declared by UNESCO as a world heritage city in 2008, it’s at San Miguel de Allende that tourists enjoy the beautiful symphony of history, culture and beautiful nature with modern and luxurious amenities.

Conveniently located just one block from Mercado de Artsanias, travelers to this beautiful city can spend a night or two at Casa Calderoni, a luxurious bed & breakfast that offers all amenities of a boutique hotel. Make a reservation today and turn your yearly retreat something to look forward to.