3 Reasons to Take A San Miguel de Allende Vacation

by admin

If you’re looking to end 2017 with a bang, take a San Miguel de Allende vacation!  Explore this magical, vibrant city and feel right at home as soon as you arrive.

Soak Up The Culture of San Miguel de Allende

With the Parraoquia (church) occupied at the heart of El JardÌn (the main plaza), cultural activity is front and center.  

Do you love architecture?

This bustling city is full of mesmerizing Spanish and Colonial buildings. Spend an afternoon visiting art galleries, shop until your find the perfect artesanías (crafts), or simply enjoy the food market while engaging with vibrant, hospitable locals as you soak up its flavor.  

If you love trying local cuisine and a great ambiance, you’ll get the best of both worlds here—pick and choose from the many rooftop terrace restaurants, allowing you a fantastic view of the main square while you savor each bite.  

Immerse Yourself In San Miguel de Allende’s Rich History

There are many reasons why tourists instantly fall in love with San Miguel de Allende. It’s rich history allows you to feel like you’re back in a much simpler time.  

San Miguel de Allende (which was named after General Ignacio Allende) was also named a World Heritage Site in 2008, and attracts thousands of tourists each year.

With a complex history dating all the way back to 1542, it became a hub of the silver trade and the center of the Chichimeca War in the mid 1500’s. Since the beginning of the 20th century (when artist began migrating to the city), San Miguel de Allende’s reputation has attracted painters from all over the world—adding to its vibrant, creative culture.   

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