The Differences Between a Bed & Breakfast and a Hotel

by admin

Many people don’t recognize the distinction between a bed & breakfast and a hotel. For all intensive purposes, they provide the same general service; a place to lay your head at night, but each abode contains a uniqueness all its own. If you really want to know what entitles a bed & breakfast to a more sophisticated title, view the top differences between a bed & breakfast and a hotel.  


The idea of a bed & breakfast is centered around a cozier and warmer experience more similar to that of a home. Therefore, you are likely to notice that compared to the size of a hotel, b&b’s (bed and breakfast’s) tend to be smaller, since they are targeted towards a more homely experience. Hotels are larger establishments meant to accommodate those who are coming-and-going, not very focused on embodying a warmer or cozier experience.


The factors of the experience you receive from a hotel versus those of a b&b can be largely attributed to the higher-ups in each. Hotels are franchises usually owned by distant large corporate groups. Bed & Breakfasts, however, are owned by families that live in the facility themselves. B&B’s provide an experience that fosters genuine relationships between the guests and the owners versus hotels in which guests interact with staff and very rarely with the owners of the establishment.


Hotel rooms are uniform, with common furniture, room decor, and bedding. The only difference you will find between each hotel room is the size and maybe the layout. Bed & Breakfasts add a refreshing element to their guests stay; variation. Each room has its own distinct features and designs. This makes your travel experience all the more homely and unique.


Imagine waking up to the aroma of a free freshly cooked homemade meal as a foreigner in another state. For one staying in a bed & breakfast, this is a reality. Those staying in hotels, however, are greeted by a far less homelike morning. In a hotel, a room might contain water bottles and a coffee machine and it might not. Often times breakfast is free but because of the number of people a hotel can house, you are trying to beat the morning breakfast rush.

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