5 Summer Events You Need to Attend in San Miguel in 2018

by admin

Summer in San Miguel de Allende is filled with bright colors and various celebrations accenting its year-round liveliness. Casa Calderoni provides the perfect resting place for those who reserve a stay at our bed and breakfast and wish to get out and tour the city while also seamlessly conveying the overall aesthetic of San Miguel. There are plenty of ways to spend a summer in San Miguel, all of which are sure to jam pack a summer full of memories. If you are lost for things to do during the 2018 summertime in San Miguel, feel free to check out these awesome events close by.   

Tianguis Organico (San Miguel De Allende Organic Market)

 You can never go wrong with a trip to the market. This huge market in the beautiful city of San Miguel contains a wide variety of certified organic products unlike any other common street market and is open every Saturday morning. The market is a popular attraction in San Miguel amongst residents and when you do visit, it is recommended that you don’t simply look around but get your hands on some of the juicy fruit and many commodities available. 

Festival de Música de Cámara 2018

 From August 3rd 2018 until the 25th, Festival de Musica de Camara will be alive and thriving. Containing more than 100 groups and soloists from all around the world, this music festival allows goers to listen to divine music in a place that already exuberates its own heavenly aesthetic within itself. This festival is the perfect way to end an evening out in San Miguel in 2018, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful resounding sounds you here in this festival.  

Mikaella Music and Art Fest

The Mikaella Music and Art Festival is an annual event that takes place in San Miguel during the summer. It will take place on July 7th in 2018 and it will be a lively event full of various avenues of convivial fun. Attendees are welcomed by a wide assortment of food selections, the choice of an indie or electronic live music experience, beautiful art to gaze upon, and an overwhelming sense of joy in the atmosphere as the lively scene takes place. 

La Esquina, Mexican Toy Museum

 If all of the beautiful scenery inspires you to pique an interest in the history of Mexico’s craft industry, take a trip to La Esquina in San Miguel. This museum contains over 50 years worth of dolls and toys. Upon entering you’re bound to be thrown back in time as you view the variety of toys on display. There is also a room for temporary exhibitions so you never know what other things could be available for viewing when you attend.  

Fiestas Patrias in Dolores Hidalgo

This vibrant festival will be held from September 12th, 2018 to the 24th. Fiestas Patrias is held in honor of the Independence of Mexico. Attendees are encouraged to enjoy the bright and colorful atmosphere, dance-inducing mariachi music, and the contagious joy that permeates the atmosphere. During your 2018 stay in San Miguel, this event is sure to be one that makes its distinct mark in the places you travel. 

Through whatever events you choose to attend while in San Miguel, choose a comfortable stay with Casa Calderoni. If you would like more info on Casa Calderoni, feel free to Contact us regarding your stay, today!