4 Debunked Myths about Bed and Breakfasts

by Ben Calderoni

Limited décor, over-the-top wall papers, little privacy, and exorbitantly priced – is that your perception of a bed and breakfast establishment? You couldn’t be more wrong! B&B’s have long been a subject of misconceptions and myths, simply because most people seem unaware of its amenities.

And so, with that, we take a moment to debunk some – widely believed, yet horrendously ill-conceived – myths.

Myth 1: No Privacy Offered At B&B Inns

This common misconception stems from the constant coming and going of guests. You’ll be pleased to know B&B inns offer more privacy (as compared to hotels) even in common spaces such as gardens, dining area and dens. In fact, most inns offer two room suites. This means fewer guests. We also provide rooms with private terraces that can be enjoyed on a pleasant evening.

Myth 2: Décor is Limited To Gaudy Wallpaper, Antiques, Patchwork Quilts and Lace Doilies

While hilarious to think about, this myth has been popular by the increasingly bad horror movies that Hollywood has to its name. This may have been somewhat true in an earlier era, but not today.

B&B inns are built with modern layouts and amenities that visually please guests. The focus is to develop a setting that is warm and comfortable. Featuring individually decorated rooms, Casa Calderoni also appeals to a variety of tastes.

Myth 3: B&B Inns Aren’t Designed For Business Travelers

Many B&B establishments don’t exude the typical corporate feel but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an option for having a corporate meeting.

In fact, more establishments have added in amenities that appeal to the typical businessman. Pricing is another incentive which makes B&B inns the best option for businessmen. Free Wi-Fi, frequent travelers discounts and a bilingual staff are some of the amenities offered by Casa Calderoni.

Myth 4: Guests Share a Communal Bathroom

Knowing the importance of privacy to today’s day and age, B&B innkeepers will not expect their guests to be pleased with a single, shared bathroom for their morning rituals.

While old residencies did employ a single bathroom for entire floor, now shared bathroom are no longer the hallmark of the B&B experience.

Fitted with amenities that could make bathroom aficionado shout with joy, guests can now enjoy a relaxing soak in their own private bath.

Now that we’re done with dispelling these myths, perhaps it’s time to partake in a little B&B experience. Have an anniversary around the corner? Looking for a romantic getaway? Or simply, a mini-vacation? Come and spend a night or two at Casa Calderoni. You are bound to enjoy it. Make reservations here. bed and breakfast deals,