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Callejón del Pueblito 4-A
San Miguel de Allende
Guanajuato, México

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A San Miguel Vacation and Casa Calderoni go Together Like Time and Fine Wine

We all know that some of the world’s best wines are labeled as such because of the time they have spent developing into true splendor. A San Miguel vacation and Casa Calderoni are equally in tune with this type of excellence because as you stay with us while visiting the city, you too will have a rich growth and quality experience.


Casa Calderoni is a stunningly beautiful bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende offering all of the amenities of home and more. Your San Miguel vacation won’t miss a beat because:

  • Your B&B in San Miguel is in the central district
  • Casa Calderoni rentals in San Miguel of course have great views
  • Concierge service if offered
  • Frequent San Miguel vacation travelers discount are given
  • Free wireless Internet is provided
  • 24 hour personnel are available
  • Free long distance calls to the USA and Canada are a given
  • Full Mexican or American breakfast, including fresh juices, and tropical fruits
  • A San Miguel Vacation Wouldn’t be the Same without Art and Golf Workshop Packages

    During your San Miguel vacation we want everyone to have their own piece of happiness so we try to offer to our customers benefits that simply cannot be matched by other bed and breakfast in San Miguel establishments. Casa Calderoni is fortunate to have access to Merry Calderoni’s studio at Aurora Art and Design Center. It gets even better because Merry is a well known artist in the community and she arranges art workshops for her residents during their San Miguel vacation at Casa Calderoni. If you possess an artistic side you won’t want to let this opportunity slip through your fingers as her workshops are phenomenal. Her studio is located in this 100 year-old textile factory's Blacksmith Shop. You will enjoy this 2,300 square foot studio with its antique stone floors and its 30 foot ceilings. This amazing space can hold up to 20 people and when you have completed your class you will be surrounded by 40 more unique spaces, galleries, and restaurants

    If that didn’t make you raise your eyebrows then the astonishing golf course will. During your San Miguel vacation you can also enjoy playing on a fantastic and very challenging 40 year old Country Club, Malanquin Country Club. With San Miguel vacation stay with Casa Calderoni, you will receive a 50 percent discount.

    Now that you know all of the benefits you will find at Casa Calderoni during your San Miguel vacation why would you want to stay anywhere else? Call us today to book your San Miguel vacation.

    Featured Article:

    What does a Casa Calderoni San Miguel Vacation Package Have to Offer?

    [Posted on August 29]

    A San Miguel vacation allows you the privilege of being immersed in a rich cultural heritage that is untouched by the rest of the world. San Miguel is a National Treasure of Mexico. In over 450 years of existence it hasn’t changed much since the 17th century. Any work that’s been done on the town has been to upkeep the original look and feel of the town. This includes any Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel. There isn’t so much as a traffic light in sight. It’s almost completely separated from the technology of the rest of the world. 

    Almost. We do provide the latest amenities to our guests on their stay at our B&B in San Miguel. We provide you with concierge services and excellent discounts for travelers. We also have free long-distance calling to the United States and Canada, so that you can keep up with business, friends and family. Free wireless internet is also available. In addition, every morning you’re offered a full-course American or Mexican breakfast, complete with tropical fruits, breads and juices. You can enjoy all of this and more while staying in one of our king or executive suites. We have the best views in the city, and we are located in the central district, so you are right in the middle of everything.

    How does this help when planning a San Miguel vacation? It prepares you for the type of mindset you have to have in order to make your vacation a success. Although there is technology available, you won’t find any among the architecture itself. San Miguel has taken pride in making sure that it stays as close to its original design as possible. That is part of the reason it is such a great vacation spot. It is living history. There is plenty of picturesque scenery to enjoy while you’re staying in San Miguel, so if you’re a photographer, an artist or you just appreciate nature, you will definitely find our surroundings to your liking.

    There is plenty to do on your San Miguel vacation. The Casa Calderoni will provide you with the best accommodations possible. There are many vacation packages to choose from, and each is designed to fit your specific needs. Why not check out our packages for yourself? Each one has something unique to offer to make your stay in San Miguel a complete success.

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