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The Perks of Staying At a Bed and Breakfast

The comfortable and warm setting, a stunning view, the much craved privacy. Ready to make your reservations?

Considered as a wonderful alternative to the traditional hotel stay, it’s a good idea to spend a week or two at a classic bed and breakfast establishment.

Following are reasons why staying at a B&B inn next time you’re traveling to San Miguel de Allende should be your priority. Continue reading

4 Debunked Myths about Bed and Breakfasts

Limited décor, over-the-top wall papers, little privacy, and exorbitantly priced – is that your perception of a bed and breakfast establishment? You couldn’t be more wrong! B&B’s have long been a subject of misconceptions and myths, simply because most people seem unaware of its amenities.

And so, with that, we take a moment to debunk some – widely believed, yet horrendously ill-conceived – myths. Continue reading

Hotel vs. Bed and Breakfast – Why a B&B is the Only Way to Truly Enjoy San Miguel

Like many travelers, the word ‘bed and breakfast’ may strike up a picture of coziness and comfort inside a quaint little cottage. You’ll even imagine being served homemade biscuits and sweet tea by the matronly innkeeper, while a furry white feline watches. Today, the very concept of a bed and breakfast has changed!

Shedding its past layers of tradition, modern B&B inns have evolved. In fact, luxury seekers are increasingly turning to B&B’s; due to the personalized service and modern amenities that makes all the difference between a hotel and an inn. Continue reading

Little Things to Do in San Miguel de Allende (Part 2)

Continuing from part one; we are further going to delve into the journey and all the little adventures one should have in San Miguel de Allende.

Take a Walk on the Street

San Miguel de Allende is famous because of its courtyards, fountains, sculptures and beautiful wall murals. From churches to art galleries alike, you can see your fair share of architectural beauty woven with natural creations just by taking a walk down the passageways. From the restored Casa Del Mayorazgo de la Canal, one of the city’s most beautiful mansions to the small restaurants dotting the street, you will experience much of what San Miguel has to offer. Continue reading

Little Things to Do in San Miguel de Allende (Part 1)

Going on vacation in San Miguel de Allende is the best way to experience what a side of heaven would look like. With landscapes, architectural and beauty that even J. M. W. Turner would be proud of, San Miguel is one such vacation destination that can turn your regular stay into an experience you can’t forget.

San Miguel celebrates culture and beauty. From their exquisite churches to the more festive courtyards, colors dominate every corner. And with the people as friendly as they come, it is no wonder that the Mexican city is voted one of the best cities in the world. Now, although you may know a bit about why San Miguel is so loved, perhaps you’ll favor it even more once you know how much there is to do in this seemingly small city. And to help you know more, we at Casa Calderoni are going to provide you with a few activities that you will surely love doing in San Miguel de Allende. Continue reading

Top 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do in San Miguel de Allende

Visitors to the beautiful and neatly laid out town of San Miguel de Allende compare the wonder of Disneyland to the brightly painted stucco colonial buildings of this Central Mexican city. Avid travelers would consider San Miguel as an Instagrammer’s playground, something unique and inherently exotic to capture.

Enamoring travelers from all walks of life and the world, this UNESCO World Heritage site is the place where quaint and cosmopolitan come together and make San Miguel de Allende into the city it’s today.

Just like any city though, San Miguel de Allende requires finesse when it comes to traversing the unknown streets and cobbled pathways. Following are 3 things you SHOULDN’T do when visiting San Miguel de Allende; Continue reading