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Callejón del Pueblito 4-A
San Miguel de Allende
Guanajuato, México

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The Casa Calderoni Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel Offers Hands on Cultural Experiences that will Give You the Sweet Sabor You’ve been Searching For

Have you ever wanted to go to a place that can make you never want to leave it? Well Casa Calderoni is your dream come true! It is a bed and breakfast in San Miguel and is the piece of heaven that everyone dreams about visiting. If we had to put it into a name for comparison, then Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, the Eiffel Tower, the Mona Lisa, and paradise all come to mind when describing this bed and breakfast in San Miguel.


From the time you enter Casa Calderoni until the time you depart, we want you to feel enveloped by culture. In Mexico “sabor” means flavor, and our flavor is good. From the baroque and neoclassical colonial structures, to the streetscapes with cobblestone lanes, a B&B San Miguel de Allende vacation is a bucket list destination for sure. It’s not just the city that is your treat, but a well-known artist of the city is your host at this bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende. Merry Calderoni offers her studio at Aurora Art and Design Center, which is the largest in the city, for their guests. Her workshops include three days of classes with a one-day break for a trip to the historic town of Guanajuato. These “Work Shop Packages” offer you your choice of painting, jewelry making, drawing, ceramics, encaustics, watercolor and more. They can accommodate up to 20 people at the bed and breakfast in San Miguel, so if you have a group of friends or family get together planned, it’s an ideal location. Ben Calderoni even has access to great golf courses at half price for guests as well. There are many packages and rooms to select from at their bed in breakfast in San Miguel. The only question you should have is how fast can you make it there?

When you leave this San Miguel vacation spot, upon your return home, close your eyes and remember Casa Calderoni, the bed and breakfast in San Miguel. We hope you have a warm feeling and a sweet smile from the memories you experienced with us. Our goal is to provide you with an enchanting experience that will make you want to come back time and time again. We hope to hold a special place in your memories. Whether you are coming for the first time or the fifth, call us to book your reservations today. Either way, you should be smiling.