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Callejón del Pueblito 4-A
San Miguel de Allende
Guanajuato, México

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The Casa Calderoni Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende is a Beautiful Haven of Splendor and Relaxation

Your search is over. A magical time awaits you at the Casa Calderoni bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende. We say magical because of the unbelievable feeling you will have during your San Miguel vacation. Located in the historic center, this San Miguel vacation rental brings together the culture of a Mexican bed and breakfast with the luxury of a small boutique hotel, in perfect harmony. Come fall under the spell of one of the grandest San Miguel de Allende rentals.


Rich in culture, heritage and history, our town is well known as the home of heroes of the Mexican independence movement and as a center for the arts. In 1992, it celebrated its 450th anniversary and was declared a National Monument, preserving the historical nature of the town. With 16th and 17th century architecture, pastel colored walls, and beautiful old churches, you will feel like you are in another world as you experience the breathtaking sites.

Your Bed and Breakfast San Miguel de Allende Vacation has Everything you Desire

The Casa Calderoni bed and breakfast of San Miguel de Allende has concierge services including:

  • Assistance in wedding planning, including organizing a wedding coordinator and caterer recommendations.
  • Biking and hiking with a fabulous English speaking guide, state of the art equipment, and fantastic trails and historic areas.
  • Access to cooking schools, as we can help you find a chef that will complement your desires.
  • Language school recommendations based on your length of stay.
  • Yoga Classes based on your level and type of yoga you desire.
  • Day Trip Tours to interesting towns and historic areas.
  • Horse-back riding to extraordinary trails and scenery.
  • Personal training sessions in a first class gym with a US Certified Trainer at $35.00 USD/Hr, plus a small gym fee.
  • Arts and crafts, including jewelry, painting, sculpting, paper mache, encaustics, etc.

Our bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende has established relationships with many city vendors, and we can also arrange for you to enjoy golfing, tennis, and swimming at a beautiful, nearby country club.

Our bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende has established relationships with many city vendors, and we can also arrange for you to enjoy golfing, tennis, and swimming at a beautiful, nearby country club.

If you are planning a vacation and are searching for a bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende, Casa Calderoni has so much to offer. Trust your instincts and call us today to enjoy your dream vacation.


Featured Article:

Make Your Next Vacation Special by Choosing Bed and Breakfast San Miguel de Allende

[Posted on Oct 03]

When it comes to choosing a Bed and Breakfast San Miguel de Allende is a fantastic location that can deliver so much. Your vacation should be a time where you can relax and have amazing cultural experiences. At Casa Calderoni, the wonderful bed and breakfast here in San Miguel, you’re going to get the best treatment and services available. You won’t just think of this as a place to stay, but rather as a wonderful home away from home where you can receive quality treatment and attention.

If you want to enjoy all of the natural beauty that Mexico has to offer, then a San Miguel vacation is just what you need.  When you choose to stay at Casa Calderoni, you can arrange for exciting day trip tours that will take you to local towns where you can explore Mexican culture and history. If you’re in the mood for an outdoor experience that is a little more intensive, our bed and breakfast can arrange biking and hiking trips that will allow you to explore some of the most beautiful trails in the area. You’ll even have access to an English speaking guide.

If you have the opportunity to spend a good amount of time in your San Miguel vacation rental, then you may want to take some language lessons. Knowing the language can help you to have a more authentic cultural experience, and you’ll have a much better time getting around when you’re out exploring Mexico on your own. Our bed and breakfast in San Miguel de Allende can help you to locate the best language schools in the area, so that you can get the finest tutors available.

As you think over your options for the perfect bed and breakfast, San Miguel de Allende should be high on your list. It’s the perfect place to experience the culture and heritage of Mexico. Casa Calderoni will help you in any way possible and ensure that your time in San Miguel is a time you’ll cherish forever. Call or contact us today for reservations. You can choose from a wide variety of rooms and vacation packages tailored to meet your needs. It’s sure to be the experience of a lifetime.

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